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RLA & Termatalia Create a Strategic Partnership to Increase industry insights in Thermal Tourism
January 2018

The strategic partnership between Termatalia, renowned for the International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare and RLA is important because it will enhance the industry’s knowledge about the role of travel and hospitality in thermal business”, said Termatalia representative Emma Gonzalez, International Relations Director. Laszlo Puczko, RLA's Director of Industry Intelligence stated how pleased he was about the agreement and stressed “I very much enjoyed speaking at last year’s, Termatalia, (held in September 2017 in Ourense, Galicia-Spain), where Termalatia colleagues including Emma Gonzalez, Mr President Alejandro Rubin discussed the importance of understanding key trends in the use of thermal resources and the relationships between tourism and more specifically health tourism and thermal resources” ;

The benefit to the industry and beyond is to gain more understanding of the varying nature of demand and development alternatives. There are significant differences in how industry, society and government look at thermal resources. We are very happy to share this global knowledge and industry intelligence with the Termatalia community. By analysing the key trends and relationships between wellness, spa services and tourism and travel, it helps developers as well as operators to create and provide products and services that meet the expectations of guests and at the same time deliver financial results. As a consequence, Tourism for Health, Wellness and Spa (TOHWS) in collaboration with RLA enjoys the support of national and international organisations. Its latest edition, that of 2017, presents data related to three main demand segments: local customers, national tourists and international tourists, and most of the data presented comes from hotels, resorts and thermal baths in more than 50 countries. 

RLA is part of the strategic network of public and private agencies from all over the world that support the Termatalia event. Laszlo Puczko will share his considerable experience in thermal and health tourism at next year’s Termatalia - International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare, in September 2018 in Foz do Iguaçu, in Brazil.

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