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Why ‘wellness’ is a tired terminology?
March 2018

RLA’s László Puczkó RLA’s Director for Industry Intelligence was invited for the third time to address the attendees at ITB’s Expert Forum in Berlin on the subject of ‘how lifestyle changes affect demand for wellness while on vacation’.

ITB is the world’s largest tourism fair where destinations, hospitality companies, governments and other market players discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in the industry.

László argued that the ‘free from’ guests are the ones that can give an insight to future business opportunities. This type of guests can be attracted by services that have natural properties and represent cultural value. Evidence is the key that can turn such novel approaches such as ‘prancercising’ (yoga+crossfit+Japanese horseback archery) to something more mainstream. Old terminologies and concepts enjoy a revival. Heritage is no longer a dusty old term. Contemporary is no longer the opposite of traditional (consider contemporary traditional lifestyle as an option). Operators and developers, however, need to look for new skill sets and funding strategies given as an example a thermal resource based hotel should be managed significantly different to that of a standard ‘wellness hotel’.

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