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Operations Services at a Glance
  • Asset Management
  • Business Turnaround
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Transactional Advice Services

RLA provides operator solutions that benefit investors, developers and owners by providing optimal operational and financial management resources for individual and group wellbeing assets. We excel in business optimization and superior management procedures that provide the foundation for highly skilled operational teams to excel. We protect, maintain, and improve your wellbeing assets by leveraging proven operating and management systems.

RLA has extensive experience of working with many hotel and spa operators, and provides appropriate operator project specific recommendations that are aligned with ownership goals.

Asset Management
  • Examination/Establishment of current asset performance indicators
  • Development of asset scenario recommendations and alternatives
  • Investment analysis
  • Improve client asset risk identification
  • Enhance ability to react promptly to under performance
  • Performance accounting
  • Balancing cost controls
  • Contract procurement
  • Performance monitoring of management and operator
  • Owner representation
  • CapEx assessment
  • Monitoring systems implementation
  • Ownership reporting systems

Business Turnaround
  • Performance diagnosis and appraisal
  • Strategic operational and financial guidance for under-performing facilities
  • Create and implement restructuring programme
  • Repositioning strategy and analysis
  • Strategic facilitation
  • Exit planning

Performance Optimisation
  • Operational and financial audits
  • Comprehensive analysis and assessment of key operational, financial and experiential function
  • Management mentoring for specific skills and competencies
  • Development of strategic roadmap to optimized performance
  • Best practices analysis
  • Management contract compliance

Vendor Evaluation
  • Creation of vendor needs and parameters document
  • Sourcing and presentation of vendor assets
  • Contract negotiation and advisory services
  • Identification of all applicable procedures that influence performance and brand reputation

Transactional Advice Services
  • Asset valuation and appraisal
  • Due Diligence
  • Transaction management
  • Capital raising

YourBrand! Wellness Management

YourBrand! Wellness Management Solution is focused on protecting and enhancing the chosen property operating brand selected by stakeholders, developer or hotel operator. Responsive to the need of avoiding dilution of the main recognized property brand while successfully introducing a wellness project, we work closely with operators to put in place a long term strategy of preparing YourTeam to successfully take over the wellness operational business.

We work behind the scenes to operate the business on-behalf of the client and implement all the required operating systems, SOP’s, HR management, day to day business management and mentoring of the management team. Furthermore, we steer the business through all the operational challenges typically incurred during the initial opening period and ready YourTeam to take over the business.

Our goal is to enable the business and operating team to become self sufficient enabling the owner to take control of the operational management within a very short time. Therefore, increasing the investor return rate and minimizing third party involvement in YourBrand!


Wellnessea® is our wellness management at sea brand, currently operating on-board luxury cruise ships that serve the German speaking markets.

The Wellnessea® management solutions offered by Resources for Leisure Assets provides vessels owners and operators with the perfect operational and profitable solution to managing a wellness operation on a luxury vessel.

Find out more about Wellnessea here.

RLA skills benefit investors, developers and owners by providing optimal operational and financial management solutions for individual and group wellbeing assets.

Strategic Competency