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August, 2018
LifeSpa Panel Discussion in San Francisco Design Center
August, 2018

During an invitation only event hosted by Dornbracht, held in the San Francisco Design Center, RLA’s Lynn Curry, President of RLA USA and Paul Wiseman, Founder of The Wiseman Group, spoke on a panel with Andreas Dornbracht, CEO of Dornbracht Group, and discussed health and wellness design trends and opportunities. Hot topics included optimizing facility design that drives ROI within luxury hospitality projects, and the incorporation of specialty areas and other nature-driven property assets for development. 

The informative and successful event was attended by senior architects and interior designers of upscale hospitality and commercial West Coast firms.

Pictured from the Left: The expert panel featuring Andreas Dornbracht, CEO - Dornbracht Group, Lynn Curry, RLA USA President and Paul Wiseman, Founder - The Wiseman Group.


Reframing the ROI Challenge: Hotels can regain their USP if formerly spa-based services are remastered.
August, 2018

In the recent past, over-generalization and narrow definitions of what “spa” means have driven poor decision-making by owners and operators alike. This has strangled potential revenue streams, at a time when every channel for generating accommodation revenue has been squeezed dry. Meanwhile guests’ opinions of what constitutes an experience worth booking or returning for has shifted. A bolted-on spa room as an afterthought, does not make a wellbeing experience. 

The very good news is that neither is it a matter of bags of money being thrown at spectacularly unique location. In a recent published article by www.hotelexecutive.com, RLA's Director of Industry Intelligence - Laszlo Puczko shows the infinite feasible possibilities created when the wellbeing concept is not limited to the inside of a spa, but rather considers the property as a whole.

In addition to outlining the leverageable components of wellbeing and a checklist to make an initial assessment as to how a property can increase ROI, he also contends that taking a fresh look brings diverse benefits: aligning owners’ and operators’ perspectives and unpacking the multiple components of “wellbeing” as a definition delivers experiential guest benefits.

Ideally yet feasibly, the wellbeing components, the location and the other characteristics of the property work symbiotically. Re-defining a hotel spa as a wellbeing experience generator opens a myriad of options to attract and retain guests. Delivering long-term revenue generation for the entire property from a wellbeing experience proposition is a product of creative business thinking; as much focus on ROI, as making the best of existing immutable elements - with ingenuity.

To gain access to the whole article please visit Hotel Executive    

July, 2018
Influencers in Hospitality with Dr. Maria
July, 2018

RLA's ’Influencers in Hospitality’ this month is Dr. Maria Ridao Alonso, Managing Director and Medical Director of Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre (DHTC) in the UAE. ’Influencers in Hospitality’ looks to gain a keen understanding of renowned hospitality personalities’ vision of the future in our industry, their success traits, and to learn more about these remarkable people through RLA’s short Q&A.

Dr. Maria graduated in 1992 as an allopathic physician from the University of Bonn, Germany and worked for three years in neurology and four years in psychiatry. Has a master’s Degree in Preventive Medicine from Dresden International University and is licensed as a conventional and as a CAM physician. DHTC was founded in 2003 under the auspices of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.    

Influencers in Hospitality Interview with Dr. Maria

June 2018
RLA Group CEO Takes Part in Resort Panel Session at SHIP & CEE Event
June 2018

RLA Group CEO, Roger Allen participated in a Resort Panel Session at the Spotlight Hotel Investment Poland (SHIP) & CEE 2018 event held in Intercontinental Hotel Warsaw, Poland. The esteemed panel included Adam Konieczny - Director of Development for Poland & Eastern Europe, Louvre Hotels Group / Małgorzata Morek, Development Director Poland & Eastern Europe, Hilton / Federico Holzmann - Director of Development & Asset Management, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts / Dieter Kornek - Head of Project Scouting, TUI Hotels & Resorts with Maria Zielińska, Senior Hospitality Advisor, Cushman & Wakefield as moderator. 

A passionately debated discussion addressed topics that included: best resort operating practices, the challenges faced in developing a resort destination, how resort hotels differ from the typical city hotel and what are the success factors that make a resort destination successful and investable.

For more information about the SHIP event please visit website   

June 2018
A Conversation with RLA's Group CEO & Four Seasons Hotel Regional VP
June 2018

RLA's Group CEO, Roger Allen and Martin Rhomberg, Four Seasons Hotel Regional Vice President & General Manager Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues debated the 'economics of wellbeing in luxury hotels' during an event held at the iconic George V, Paris.

During the 40 minute informative debate between the international luxury hotelier and international hospitality advisor they addressed key talking points of luxury hotel trends and the reality of Wellbeing economics within hotels. 


May 2018
RLA's Roger Allen Joins the 2018 IHIDCF Advisory Board
May 2018

RLA's Group CEO, Roger Allen recently joined the advisory board for the 2018 International Hotel Investment & Design Club Forum (IHIDCF).  The event which is to be held at the Hilton Hotel Vienna later in the year is the leading annual meeting place for the most senior hotel investors, developers, operators and advisors in the CEE, SEE, CIS and Russia.

The advisory board includes the following esteemed members: James Dilley- Head Interior Design Hospitality, Jestico + Whiles, Heribert Gangl - Director, Hamilton Hotel Partners, Markus Kaplan - Owner, bwm architects, Markus Lehnert - Regional VP, International Hotel Development, Marriott, Martina Maly-Gaertner, COO, Arabella Hospitality SE, Otmar Michaeler - CEO, Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group, Frank Reul - Head of Development, Orbis/Accor Hotels Eastern Europe, Igor V. Romanov - Member of the Board of Directors, Azimut Hotels, Rupert Simoner - CEO, Vienna House, Ulrich Widmer - Managing Director Development, Central Europe, Hilton.


Roger Allen also joined the supervisory team for the 2018 Hotel Brand Award by Modul University Vienna, which will be announced at the IHIDCF event.  The award will go to the hotel brand that is deemed by the university Master students to be the leading European hotel brand that best caters to the milennial generation.  Roger joins a supervisory team that includes Dr. Florian Aubke - Dean of the Undergraduate School of Modul University, Martina Maly-Gärtner - COO Arabella Hotels and Brigitte T. Gruber, MBA, Managing Director, Reburg & Partners.

For more information about the IHIDCF event please visit Vienna Conferences  

May, 2018
RLA's Director of Intelligence Presents at the Tourism Investment Summit Conference
May, 2018

RLA's Director of Intelligence, László Puczkó was an invited speaker at the Tourism Investment Summit 2018 in Bogotá, Colombia organised by ProColombia.

Speaking on the complex topic of wellbeing and health-oriented developments in tourism and hospitality in South-America in recent years. László spoke about the regional and the global competition in wellness tourism, which has been intensifying and stressed the critical strategy of identifying development directions that can ensure true value exchange with prospective guests and ensure favourable financial performance. László also introduced the several development options both for destinations and hospitality properties, and highlighted the risks of jumping on the wellness bandwagon.


For more information

April, 2018
Influencers in Hospitality with David Harper
April, 2018

RLA's ’Influencers in Hospitality’ this month is David Harper, Head of Property Services of Hotel Partners Africa. ’Influencers in Hospitality’ looks to gain a keen understanding of renowned hospitality personalities’ vision of the future of our industry, their success traits, and to learn more about these remarkable people through RLA’s short Q&A.

During the course of his twenty plus years in the hospitality industry, David has worked in over 169 countries and is also the author of the books ‘Hotels & Resorts: An Investor’s Guide’ and ‘Valuation of Hotels for Investors’.   

Influencers in Hospitality Interview with David Harper 

April, 2018
The Risks, Opportunities of Wellness Trends in Hotels
April, 2018

Profitability from investments focused on wellness require the same scrutiny as in any other real estate transaction writes RLA’s Group CEO, Roger Allen in a new article published in Hotel News Now.  

Everyone is on the hotel wellness bandwagon, which is driving hotels to offer more health-orientated amenities and activities. For the most part it all sounds and looks good, but are owners seeing a healthy return on such investments? For the most part, the short answer is no.     

To gain access to the whole article please visit Hotel News Now

April 2018
RLA’s Alex Slors Leading an Asset Management Class at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne
April 2018

RLA’s Alex Slors recently led a class at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne as part of the Snapshot Demand Management Boot-camp. This is an integrated five-day program and live case study, where industry experts challenge students to break down the often conflicting commercial silos of a hotel organisation and identify opportunities to increase long term asset value and short term profit optimisation via effective planning, generation and optimisation of demand.

Alex regularly teaches at schools including Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and ESSEC Business School in Paris as part of the Snapshot Demand Management Boot-camp.

For more information visit École hôtelière de Lausanne and SnapShot

March 2018
Why ‘wellness’ is a tired terminology?
March 2018

RLA’s László Puczkó RLA’s Director for Industry Intelligence was invited for the third time to address the attendees at ITB’s Expert Forum in Berlin on the subject of ‘how lifestyle changes affect demand for wellness while on vacation’.

ITB is the world’s largest tourism fair where destinations, hospitality companies, governments and other market players discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in the industry.

László argued that the ‘free from’ guests are the ones that can give an insight to future business opportunities. This type of guests can be attracted by services that have natural properties and represent cultural value. Evidence is the key that can turn such novel approaches such as ‘prancercising’ (yoga+crossfit+Japanese horseback archery) to something more mainstream. Old terminologies and concepts enjoy a revival. Heritage is no longer a dusty old term. Contemporary is no longer the opposite of traditional (consider contemporary traditional lifestyle as an option). Operators and developers, however, need to look for new skill sets and funding strategies given as an example a thermal resource based hotel should be managed significantly different to that of a standard ‘wellness hotel’.

For more information visit ITB 

March 2018
Influencers in Hospitality with Cornelia Kausch
March 2018

RLA launches its new ’Influencers in Hospitality’ series with Cornalia Kausch, VP of Development at Pandox AG and RLA Advisory Board Member. ’Influencers in Hospitality’ looks to gain a keen understanding of renowned hospitality personalities’ vision of the future of our industry, their success traits, and to learn more about these remarkable people through RLA’s short Q&A.

Cornelia Kausch has worked for over three decades in the hospitality industry, across Finance, Sales, Business Development, Asset Management and GM disciplines, and in increasingly senior roles within leading international hotel brands. She is currently writing her thesis for her Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change at INSEAD with topic People/human resource transition during an organisational change”. 

Influencers in Hospitality Interview with Cornelia Kausch 

February 2018
RLA’s Alex Slors Chairs Panel Session at the Revenue by Design Opportunity Conference
February 2018

RLA’s Alex Slors chaired a panel session aimed at providing the Asset Manager's perspective, which included the need for Revenue Managers to be Executive Committee members with an independent voice away from marketing and sales and with a clear eye on profit and return on investment. The importance of transparent communication was a key part of the discussion and the fact that owners, management companies and operational teams may have different agenda’s that need to be aligned in order to maximise on the returns of a project, a healthy income stream for a management company and bonuses and career opportunities for the team on the ground.

The panel’s final topic was the role of the large brands and their adaptation to changes in the market and the needs of owners and investors. What delivers the best value for an investor and why is it that the more disruptive smaller brands are taking material market share in certain locations through a more nimble approach to revenue management. 

Revenue by Design’s Opportunity 2018 Conference was held 13th February 2018 in London at the Radisson Blu Portman with the event being a one day forum examining the future of the revenue management role in the wider hospitality environment: the impact of AI, emerging technologies and predictive analysis were hot topics of key note speeches and panels from all angles of the business. Will the Revenue Manager evolve into a Profit Engineer, a Data Scientist or an Inventory Manager. Now in its second year the event gave a great overview on the future trends in the rapidly evolving world of revenue management. With a highly engaged audience, consisting of key hoteliers, brands and owners all with an interest in future trends and how this will evolve and impact their business. The day provided invaluable insights from thought leaders on where to focus in the year ahead.

For more information visit Revenue by Design

January 2018
RLA & Termatalia Create a Strategic Partnership to Increase industry insights in Thermal Tourism
January 2018

The strategic partnership between Termatalia, renowned for the International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare and RLA is important because it will enhance the industry’s knowledge about the role of travel and hospitality in thermal business”, said Termatalia representative Emma Gonzalez, International Relations Director. Laszlo Puczko, RLA's Director of Industry Intelligence stated how pleased he was about the agreement and stressed “I very much enjoyed speaking at last year’s, Termatalia, (held in September 2017 in Ourense, Galicia-Spain), where Termalatia colleagues including Emma Gonzalez, Mr President Alejandro Rubin discussed the importance of understanding key trends in the use of thermal resources and the relationships between tourism and more specifically health tourism and thermal resources” ;

The benefit to the industry and beyond is to gain more understanding of the varying nature of demand and development alternatives. There are significant differences in how industry, society and government look at thermal resources. We are very happy to share this global knowledge and industry intelligence with the Termatalia community. By analysing the key trends and relationships between wellness, spa services and tourism and travel, it helps developers as well as operators to create and provide products and services that meet the expectations of guests and at the same time deliver financial results. As a consequence, Tourism for Health, Wellness and Spa (TOHWS) in collaboration with RLA enjoys the support of national and international organisations. Its latest edition, that of 2017, presents data related to three main demand segments: local customers, national tourists and international tourists, and most of the data presented comes from hotels, resorts and thermal baths in more than 50 countries. 

RLA is part of the strategic network of public and private agencies from all over the world that support the Termatalia event. Laszlo Puczko will share his considerable experience in thermal and health tourism at next year’s Termatalia - International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare, in September 2018 in Foz do Iguaçu, in Brazil.

For more information visit Termatalia

December 2017
Hotel Developments Need to Measure Wellbeing Investment - RLA Group CEO’s speech at the Inspire Summit in Four Seasons Miami
December 2017

Roger Allen, RLA Group CEO presented at the 6th Annual Inspire Summit - Luxury Hospitality Conference, held at Four Seasons Hotel Miami 4-5th December 2017. The presentation was titled “Wellbeing Hospitality®, The Mega-Trend Hotels & Resorts Cannot Afford to Ignore” and addressed the effect of strategically planned broad-based wellbeing activities on the success of a resort hotel and how they can influence the value of real estate. However, it is of vital importance that hotel stakeholders ‘look at actual measurable returns on wellbeing investments as opposed to providing a product without any expectation!’ 

Roger provided some case study examples to illustrate the financial impact on hotel performance but warned that there is no cookie cutter approach and hotels need to up their game and move beyond brand given guests now have new expectations and expect differentiated and specialised experiences. 

The Inspire Summit was a well-attended event with delegates from throughout the hospitality and tourism industry and provided a rich source of information on the latest developments and future trends on the market and tomorrows luxury traveler.

For more information visit the ILHA Conference website.